About Operation Tomorrow

Operation Tomorrow is the brain child of Sean Carlin and William Farkas, seasoned musicians living in Northeast Ohio.

Operation Tomorrow divides its work among several projects. Most recently Noise Patrol and Midi Warfare.

Chief Engineers

Sean Carlin

Sean, when asked for bio for this site said “I’m just a guy that likes synthesizers. I have a history. I’ve gotten into modular. I’m in.” He followed up with “We don’t need to say the word ‘DINK’”.

William Farkas

William Scott Farkas, better known as “Beeper”, was born in Akron in 1974. Since an early age he struggeled with dyslexia, so music became his language, later translating to art and film as well. His love of music spans to all genres, however the R&B, Brit Rock in the 80’s led him into the punk synth-pop world. He has been in many bands over the years such as D2K (formerly DINK), and now continues his passion for playing with wires.

Noise Patrol

Noise Patrol is the vehicle for Sean Carlin, William (Beeper) Farkas, and Ed (The Dutch Touch) Vanderkuil. Noise Patrol produces intricate sonic textures that challenge the audience to listen deeper. Rythmic and harmonic textures emerge, twist, tranform, and elevate the consciousness of those who pay their dues.


Sean Carlin

William Farkas

Ed Vanderkuil

Ed is from Rotterdam, Holland. Known as the “Dutch Touch”, he also won’t use the word “DINK”.

Midi Warfare

Midi Warfare is the working title for a new venture. Stay tuned.